The Criminal

You could see me bleeding

from the sores of excessive freedom.

You could see me strangling

Your decrees with an iron chain

you could see me leaving

before you stumbled upon nascent bloodstains.

you could see me playing

with those scales that preserve your balance.

Your imbecile vision only limited to retrospect,

thus let me fill your mouth with lead bars.

you better bend before I break you lest

your amends will shadow my whims.


Whilst this day hath fished your soul from drowning in thy mother’s womb only to let it float in this new world’s visceral and effervescent visage.

Whilst this day hath poisoned your past lives to death for thy presence required an empty bottle that could be filled with memories mixed with experiences.

Whilst this day hath hath embraced the dusk of the sun for the serenading moon fills your eyes with blithe , your ears with honey and your buds with satiety.

Whilst this day hath amassed love enough to power this universe and thy smiles wide enough to draw boundaries to the horizon, we all wake to the shrilling cries of your existence, floating on these rough seas softened by your cadence.


At the behest of the tides,

vacillating high and low

seldom caressing the ford that separated the nascent soul

from the vibrant river,

I lay unconscious growing in silence,

moving in restriction,

drowned in a river of blood,

breathing every ounce of air

to assure myself of my life,

which is due to take dawn.